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VAMOS100 ARM-based SIP Module

The Vamos100 is a cost effective ARM-based VoIP modules which provides a ready-to-integrate Voice over IP solution that can be used in a wide range of VoIP applications including Intercom Systems, Radio over IP, Paging Systems, Door Entry Systems and Alarm Systems. You can easily add IP telephony capabilities to your existing product, and the Vamos100 has enough available system resources that you can build your product on top of it.

The VAMOS100 is supplied as a comprehensive development kit that combines software with hardware to provide high performance with low power requirements.  VAMOS modules enable rapid product development cycles and are ideal for product designers with no time to become experts in voice, video and SIP signaling technologies.
VAMOS VoIP modules are available connectorized for use as the main board in your system, or as a daughter module to connect onto your system board.

Vamos100 Hardware

Based on a 1GHz ARM processor, the TsSmartPhone VAMOS 100 VoIP module offers high processing power at a low cost, and low power usage.  The Vamos100 has a Wolfson WM8960 codec, a 24 bit, 48KHz, low power, high quality stereo codec that can directly drive a speaker
Optionally, the VAMOS100 is capable of videocalls and includes a powerful graphics engine, LCD interface and CMOS camera interface.

VAMOS100 Software

The VAMOS100 comes complete with software in binary form with “C” source APIs to enable easy integration of customer supplied application software and customization of the GUI if required.  Full source code is an available option. 

The following software is included:

A call manager for VoIP calls that includes support for standard and custom dial plans, conferencing, hold, transfer, redial, mute, speed-dial, configuration menu, multiple line appearances, message waiting indication, start commands and more.
A robust, full featured SIP stack that includes SDP.  Also included is NAT traversal (STUN and RFC 3581 “Symmetric Response Routing”).
A high performance, low footprint RTP stack
Includes Acoustic Echo Cancelation (AEC) noise reduction, noise suppression, dynamic jitter buffers and error concealment techniques.
Standard Audio codecs
Includes G.711, the most common  voice codec, and iLBC – a high quality, narrowband, royalty-free voice codec that is used in millions of VoIP endpoints.
HD Audio codecs
Includes G.722, a commonly used voice codec with an audio bandwidth of 0 – 8 KHz and the iSAC audio codec, a super-wideband voice codec and used in millions of VoIP endpoints. Both G.722 and iSAC codecs are royalty–free.
Runs on an industry standard Android Platform.

Optional software:

VP8 Video Codec
A codec that uses highly efficient video compression technology – royalty free
The industry standard video codec (may require a royalty to be paid)
Assured Services-SIP

Your Unique Needs

Many customers are able to use our standard modules without modification. Please contact us for more information if you require modifications to our standard products, or a custom design to meet your specific requirements.

Module Footprint

A custom hardware design would include changing the form factor of the board or its connectors, changing the amount of memory, and adding or removing I/O (e.g. adding an extra Ethernet port).

System Performance/Cost/Power

The VoIP software included with the hardware uses only a small portion of the available CPU power. This leaves plenty of bandwidth for you to integrate all of your system functions into this module, resulting in the overall highest performance, lowest cost and lowest overall power use.

Integrating the system eliminates the cost of multiple processors, second Ethernet Interface, additional memory chips, connectors, circuit board, etc.  And having the system integrated means less chance of a mechanical failure, such as a bad connector or solder joint. 

can change the module as you wish, and supply software running on the new module.  We can help your engineers come up to speed so they can add the extra features that your customers want.  If you wish, will design and develop these features for you.

Software Only

All software is available in ANSI C source form.

Additional Features

can perform consulting to develop your VoIP based system.  We have the expertise to add features to meet your specific requirements.

Vamos100 Example Applications

  • IP Business Phone
  • VoIP Intercom System
  • VoIP Public Address Loudspeaker
  • IP Remote Music Speaker
  • VoIP Paging System
  • VoIP Door Entry/Intercom
  • Video over IP Security Camera
  • VoIP Alarm System Console
  • VoIP Patient Intercom
  • VoIP Emergency Phones
  • VoIP Fire Alarm and Mass Notification Speaker