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Standard Low Bitrate Speech Codecs

Speech and Audio Codecs

Agora Labs offers software components in support of application developers in the multimedia over IP industry.  Agora Labs' customers typically build upon these components to develop new multimedia services or applications.

Sx5363S -- ITU G.723.1 Speech Codec

The SX5363S conforms to the recently adopted ITU G.723.1 standard. It is intended for very low bit rate speech applications such as PSTN videotelephony/conferencing and is the recommended speech coder for H.324 videotelephony systems. G.723.1 is also specified as an optional coder for video applications in the ISDN, UDP/IP and ATM environments. In bandwidth limited situations the combination of toll quality performance offered by the coder, together with its very low bit rate permits the maximum possible channel bandwidth to be devoted to video thus providing optimization of both speech and video components

Sx8000LCS ITU G.729A Reduced Complexity Speech Coder

The SX8000LCS speech coder conforms to the reduced complexity variant (Annex A) of the new ITU standard G.729. This reduced complexity coder was standardized by the ITU-T for use in applications where high performance is required but where implementation complexity is also a serious consideration. The G.729 Annex A coder is the recommended coder for use in Digital Simultaneous Voice/Data (DSVD) Systems conforming to the new V.70 standard. It is also specified in the H.324 and H.323 videotelephony standards as an alternative coder to G.7231 and G.729A. The coder offers toll quality speech with a rate of 8 kbit/s, and can therefore be used with either V.34 or V.32bis modems.



Customers normally license these products as object code software, they are available on the Pentium processor (IBM PC), PowerPC, MIPS, ARM and several popular DSP families.

Agora Labs is adding to their speech and audio codec product line, contact us if you don't see the codec you need!