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Digital Signal Processing Software

Agora Labs provides Digital Signal Processing Software that runs on DSPs and on conventional processors, like the Pentium, PowerQuicc I, II, and III (MPC860, MPC8260, etc), MIPS, ARM and other processors.  This software is oriented toward telephony applications.

Manufacturers of consumer and SOHO equipment have fond that they can reduce the cost of their systems by taking advantage of the "extra" horsepower of inexpensive processors like the PowerQuicc II.  DSP subsystems can be eliminated by moving the G.711 and other DSP software to the main processor.  System design is accelerated because there is no hardware synchronization required between the DSP and signaling parts of the product.  And reliability is improved because there are fewer components to fail.

DTMF Generator and Receiver

Agora offers a C source code DTMF decoder and generator. 

MF Generator and Receiver

Agora offers a C source code MF decoder and generator.  MF (Multi-Frequency) tones are used on R2 (E1 CAS) lines for signaling.

International Caller-ID

Agora offers a C source code implementation for International Caller ID, per  ETSI ETS 300 659-1, ETSI ETS 300 659-2, ETSI ETS 300 778-1,and ETSI ETS 300 778-2. 

V.23 Modem

Agora offers a C source code Implementation of a V.23 modem, which is used with International Caller-ID. 

Other DSP software

Agora will develop other DSP software per your requirements.   Agora has great expertise in developing DSP code for DSPs and for RISC and CISC processors.  The expertise of Agora's development staff is highlighted by George Kustka, the head of Agora's custom DSP software group and a Bell Lab's fellow.  (The Fellows Award recognizes and honors outstanding and sustained research and development contributions.)  More about George can be found at

Customers normally license these products as either object or source code software, they are available on the Pentium processor (IBM PC), PowerPC, MIPS, ARM and several popular DSP families.

Agora Labs is adding to their DSP product line, contact us if you don't see the codec you need!