Agora Labs H.26x Combined Video Codec Software

The H.26x Combined Video Codec is a single codec that supports H.261, H.263, H.263v2, H.263v3 and H.264, or any combination of these codecs.  By combining these codecs into one run-time module, engineers can save memory space and development time.

  • Development engineers only have to learn one API and integrate one codec.
  • The combined codec is only slightly larger than any one codec, so program memory is saved, and more importantly, cache is better utilized. 
  • Developers designing a videophone or similar video widget that is downloaded from a website will be able to make their product smaller, yielding a faster download. 
  • Codecs can be switched "on the fly".  This may be done by SIP, H.323, RTP/RTCP or other control messages.
  • The combined codec uses one set of memory buffers, so if you switch codecs, there is no memory penalty.

These features lead to a number of unique system advantages.  By supporting all codecs in the endpoints, transcoding needs in video servers, video conferencing units and MCUs, videomail (video "voicemail") systems and similar equipment can be minimized or eliminated.  If a mobile phone or other videophone has all these codecs, then they can connect to virtually any other video endpoint without needing a transcoding gateway and the delay that a transcoding gateway brings in. 

 The elemedia H.264 SDK is available as a binary module for use by system developers.  It has been used in many systems, including Windows servers and workstations, and Linux servers and workstations.  An H.264 .DLL is available off-the-shelf.