You can bring your product to market more quickly and with less expense by using our services. We offer a range of consulting services, from simple tweaks on existing products to complete new product development.


Training will accellerate your learning and use of the code. Your engineers will come up to speed quickly and learn the best way for you to configure each module. Training includes some "consulting light" time where your engineers can work with our engineers one-on-one to get your development started.

You can recieve training at your site, at our site, or over the internet.


Software modules may have to be ported to the OS and processor you chose. An engineer's first portation is a difficult process becasue of the learning curve involved. The second portation an enginneer does is much easier--they already know the ins and outs of the software.

Our engineers have ported our code many times. You don't have to pay them to learn our product. As a result, we can port our product to your choice of hardware, OS and TCP/IP stack quickly and inexpensively.


Many systems benifit from a bit of customization, which can be as simple as adding your company name and logo to the software. Our experts have done this work in the past, and can do it quickly becasue they have been through the learning curve.

You may also have special needs, like a new information element in ISDN or AVP in SIP. Our experts know are familiar with our code, and can quickly implement these small changes.


Often, new protocols are not available off the shelf. And sometimes older protocols that have a limited use are not available either. We have experience implementing protocol modules and stacks, and can quickly implement what you need.


You will occasionally have that huge customer who needs your product quickly. We have a great deal of Intellectual Property that we can use to develop your product. Also, please consider that IP can take the form of software, or as knowledge that our developers have. By combining your needs with our knowledge and software, we can develop your product quickly for you.

By using already tested modules, we can produce a product with a lower number of defects than can be had if the code was written entirely from scratch. Using already-tested modules will decrease the time to customer acceptance, decrease or eliminate field trips to fix errors, and decrese your overall cost.