Embedded Linux

Issues with Free Open-Source (FOS) code

Somewhat biased toward proprietary OSes, and some FUD.  But change management of FOS code is an issue.



H.323 and SIP Information


A wealth of resources on VoIP.


Jonathan Rosenberg's Presentations

Some of Jonathan Rosenberg's presentations on his website.


H.323 vs. SIP

SIP’s Future: Complicated And Competitive

You have to register with Business Communications Review to get access to this paper, but its worth it.  


Internet Telephony Feature Article

This page contains two articles that discuss the difference between H.323 and SIP.  (One mentions MGCP/Megaco)



Good chart that compares H.323 to SIP



A brief chart that compares H.248, H.323 and SIP



Codec Information


vcodex : video coding resources

The Image/Video coding tutorial is a good intro to codecs.


Video Compression Tutorial

Contains a tutorial on Wavelet Theory, introductory (very introductory) discussion of many common Video Codecs. 


dynamicsoft SIP

 dynamicsoft was the premier SIP provider prior to thier acquisition by Cisco.


Fun Stuff


Our Eastern Regional Manager has taken some pictures on his travels.  General interest pictures can be found at his website,



While its always been important to have a personal network, the current economy makes networking even more important.  It can be tough to keep track of all your contacts because many have changed jobs, and some have changed jobs several times in a year because their company merged, was acquired, or went under.  There are a few sites on the web that can help you with this:  Personal Networking Resources