About Us


Our Mission

To provide the best available protocol stacks to development engineers.

Company Profile

Nine-9s is a manufacturer's representative supplying developers with the best available Telecom and Data Communications protocol stacks. As an independent representative, Nine-9s has the freedom to select the highest quality products from a wide  range of suppliers.  Nine-9s can help you with your development from the day of its inception.  We can help you select the best protocol for your project, help you avoid many non-technical "speed bumps" and pitfalls, and act as a coordinator between the various manufacturers you will use.

The name "Nine-9s" was chosen to represent quality. The Telecom world has a minimum quality standard of five-9s, or 99.999% up-time. This quality is often required by various government regulatory bodies because not being able to call "911" may lead to loss of life. Five-9s reliability means that you cannot have the system down for more than five minutes a year, including scheduled maintenance. But five minutes a year is not good enough for many equipment providers; they require Nine-9s to meet their quality goals!

By offering the best protocols from a variety of manufacturers, Nine-9s can act as a consultant for its customers.  We are protocol specialists, and are available to confer with your system architects.  By working together, we can help you select the best protocol for your application.  We have put our years of experience in the protocol industry to work for you by performing a thorough evaluation of the suppliers of each protocol, and have arranged to be able to present these stacks to you.

Nine-9s works with the developers of the stacks to eliminate any unnecessary speed bumps that would delay your project, and avoid the pitfalls that would severely damage it.  Most of these issues are not technical ones;  many are legal issues.  Nine-9s has ethical responsibilities to both our customers and our suppliers, and is the perfect position to help mediate any issues that may come up, both before and after you license the code.

Nine-9s can also coordinate between the stack vendors to help you with special requests and custom work.  For example, if you were building a SIP to H.323 gateway with connection to the PSTN, Nine-9s can coordinate with and mediate between the stack providers.  This will help you to help your special requests and custom features implemented quickly.

Nine-9s wants the software developers it represents to have "best in class" products, with the features you need.  If there's a feature you need that we cannot supply, we take your input and direct it to the appropriate stack developer, and work with them to insure that the market's needs and desires are met. 

We are concerned about our reputation, and periodically survey customers to insure that they are getting the highest level of support from the stack suppliers we represent.  We also survey the market from time to time to insure that the products we represent maintain their competitive edge.  If any problems are found, we will encourage the responsible supplier to correct the issue.  If the issue has not been resolved to our (and our customers) satisfaction, we will terminate our relationship with that supplier (we have this luxury because we represent several software vendors.)

Nine-9s brings you a unique wealth of experience.  We can help you by acting as consultants for technical and operational issues, and by overseeing any work that you request the stack vendors to perform.  Nine-9s' goal is to supply the highest quality, best-supported software available. After thorough research, and years of industry experience, we feel that we have selected the highest quality stacks available, and are pleased to be able to present them to you.